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How Birds Can Damage Your New Awning

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What will your neighbours think of your new awning? No, not your human neighbours, but others who might live nearby, namely the local bird population. It’s not as though birds are directly attracted to awnings, but when there are a considerable number of birds who regularly call your backyard home, your awning might need some extra protection. But protection from what? Acidic and Corrosive The problem is the high concentration of uric acid in bird droppings. Read More»

Two things to do in preparation for having your kitchen renovated

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If you’ve arranged for your kitchen to be renovated, here are the things you should to do prepare for this project. Batch-cook enough meals to feed your family for the length of the kitchen renovations If possible, you should try to do some batch-cooking a few days before the kitchen renovators arrive. Then, lug your fridge, freezer and microwave out of your kitchen and into another room in your home, and fill the former with your meals. Read More»

5 Advantages of Outdoor Blinds

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One great way of adding personality and style to your outdoor entertainment area while still retaining functionality is by adding outdoor blinds. They improve the aesthetics of your home’s outdoor space while providing you with as much privacy as you deem comfortable. They come in a wide array of styles and colours, which allows you to retain your home’s overall look while maximising the use of the outdoor space. Continue reading for 5 great reasons to install outdoor blinds. Read More»

Trendy Swimming Pool Shade Sails

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Summer holidays are the perfect time for shade sail contractors to do business. It is because most homeowners have enough time to look at their homes and think of different ways of enhancing their comfort. Notably, homeowners tend to renovate their swimming pools every summer since they spend most of their time outdoors. Therefore, providing trendy swimming pool shade sails is an excellent business idea. This article highlights the trendy swimming pool shade sails. Read More»

4 Varieties Of Fruit Trees That Are Self-Fertile

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If you’d like to plant fruit trees in your garden but don’t have a huge space available, self-fertile dwarf trees are an ideal choice. Dwarf trees grow to between 2 to 3 metres in height, so they are suitable for the average backyard and can also be grown in pots on patios. Some fruit trees require pollination from another tree of the same variety in order to bloom and produce fruit. Read More»

Three Ways A Cabinet Could Revolutionise Your Home

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All homes have a few awkward spaces: corners that are difficult to fill, angles that aren’t entirely straight, etc. One of the most effective ways to approach these ‘problem areas’ is to have something custom-made for you; a storage solution that uses your home as it is rather than forcing you to try making something fit when it definitely doesn’t. So what are some of the best ways you can use cabinets like these to solve some of those ‘problem areas’? Read More»

What Makes a Security Door So Effective?

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Many people think that a conventional external door is all that they need for their home security. After all, modern doors are often fitted in such a way that they cannot be easily forced open by a shoulder charge, for example. However, proper security doors are needed if you are to make your home fully secure against professional intruders. These days, criminals will often target residences which have the least secure doorways in order to get inside. Read More»