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Two Tips To Follow If You're Investing In A Built-in Wardrobe

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Here are two tips to follow if you're about to invest in your first built-in wardrobe.  

Opt for mirrored or neutral-coloured wardrobe doors

When selecting the materials for this wardrobe, you should ensure that its doors are either mirrored or feature a neutral-coloured material (such as pale grey or white-coloured wood). The reason for this is that this is a semi-permanent structure that cannot be removed without considerable effort. You won't, for example, be able to remove it from your bedroom yourself, in the way you might be able to do with a freestanding wardrobe.

As such, you must ensure that the doors of this structure, which are its most visible section, are neutral in appearance and will look good with many different décor aesthetics. This will give you more freedom when it comes to changing the décor of your bedroom in the future, as you won't need to base your choice of new décor on whether it will complement the wardrobe's exterior, or need to go through the long and expensive process of replacing the built-in wardrobe's doors to match the new décor in the rest of your bedroom.

This is important, as whilst you might be happy with your bedroom's current décor at the moment and have no plans to change it, you might like to modernise it in a few years' time and it's very likely that when this happens, you'll still have and want to keep using your built-in wardrobe.

Ensure the wardrobe's design provides ample storage space 

If the size of your clothing collection is quite modest, you might be thinking about getting this wardrobe built so that it is just the right size to accommodate this relatively small collection of garments. However, it might be better to have this wardrobe designed in a way that will create as much storage space as possible within the section of your bedroom in which this structure will be erected.

For example, if you're going to build this wardrobe under a part of the room where the ceiling is sloped, you should ensure that the shape of the top of the wardrobe conforms to the shape of this sloped ceiling and has a slanted storage cupboard on top (rather than, for example, creating a rectangular wardrobe with a flat top that is a few inches below this ceiling and leaves an empty space in this area).

This will give you more options if your shopping habits change and you begin to expand your clothing collection, if you ever decide to have a baby whose clothes you have to keep in your room, or if a partner moves into your home and needs some storage space for their things in this built-in wardrobe.