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What Makes a Security Door So Effective?

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Many people think that a conventional external door is all that they need for their home security. After all, modern doors are often fitted in such a way that they cannot be easily forced open by a shoulder charge, for example. However, proper security doors are needed if you are to make your home fully secure against professional intruders. These days, criminals will often target residences which have the least secure doorways in order to get inside. Therefore, if you want to avoid a break-in, then the best thing to do is upgrade the security measures of both your external doors and your windows. When it comes to security doors, what are the main features that make them so useful?

Material Considerations

To begin with, the average security door will be made out of a very robust material. Even those which are covered with a separate material so that they look nice on the outside will usually have a steel construction beneath them. This means that they cannot be smashed through with a sledgehammer, unlike a traditional PVC or wooden door.


Another key aspect of modern security doors is that they come with reinforced frames. Even a door which is incredibly tough is only as strong as the frame that it sits in, after all. For example, even a steel door which is many centimetres deep will not prevent unwarranted access if the frame around it can be taken apart and removed from its fixings in the wall. Therefore, steel frames are now the industry norm. Indeed, today's generation of security doors they will often also come with anti-force bar lips so that they cannot be prised apart from the door's framework using a crowbar. In short, they make it almost impossible to gain any leverage between the door and its frame.

Locking Mechanisms

Homeowners should always look at the sort of lock that a door designed for extra security comes supplied with. Locks are susceptible to being drilled out, so seek out a drill-poof locking mechanism with a reinforced fixing plate so that it cannot be circumvented by drilling around it either. Another issue for certain lock types is being knocked through the doorway itself with a heavy blow from the outside. Impact-resistant locks are now available which help to augment the security of any domestic external door, and these are an essential feature of security doors. In addition, locks should ensure the door is secured in its frame at more than one point. This means that even if it is prised apart in one location, the door will remain operating as an effective barrier to intruders.