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Three Ways A Cabinet Could Revolutionise Your Home

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All homes have a few awkward spaces: corners that are difficult to fill, angles that aren't entirely straight, etc. One of the most effective ways to approach these 'problem areas' is to have something custom-made for you; a storage solution that uses your home as it is rather than forcing you to try making something fit when it definitely doesn't. So what are some of the best ways you can use cabinets like these to solve some of those 'problem areas'?

Totally fitted storage spaces that defy expectations. Most homes have a cupboard that could be useful--but somehow it's slightly too awkward for you to put it to full use. The best way to solve this problem is to have something made especially for your home. Professional cabinet makers will be able to come up with all manner of innovative ways of utilising the space, like spinning shelves that fill up corners and pull-out sliding drawers to really fill your real estate.  

A window seat reading nook that doubles as a bookcase. It seems like every autumnal mood board has a photo of someone curled up in a cosy window seat and wearing a snuggly jumper with a book on their lap and a steaming mug in their hands. It might seem like an idyllic fantasy, but if you have a bay window in your home, it could become a reality for you. Bays can be awkward to fill, but custom cabinetry is a great solution; there's room for shelving at the sides, open storage beneath and a cosy bench seat in the middle, all made to your home's exact specifications.  

Laundry sorters that do half of the work for you. Sorting laundry can seem to take far longer than washing, drying and putting it away does--but a good laundry sorter can solve all these problems. What's more, if you have it made for you, it will fit seamlessly into any nook, cranny, alcove or corner you don't know how to use. This way, you'll save both time and space, particularly if you go for laundry baskets on runners to keep them tucked out of sight and give you a clean, usable surface above.

You might be surprised by how affordable custom cabinetry really is. Get in touch with a local cabinet maker today for a consultation and to have someone help you measure up your space. Don't worry if your idea is a little vague at this stage. They'll work with you to make the most of your home, and they will likely have a few ideas of their own to help you out.