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How To Make a Small Patio Seem Bigger

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Even the smallest patio can transform your home and give you extra outdoor living space. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can make a small space go a lot further. Here are a few tricks you can try.


The biggest change you can make is to be smart with your furniture. A table and chairs in the middle of the patio will fill up the space and make it feel cluttered. Instead, try to arrange your furniture around the perimeter of the space and leave a clear walkway through the middle. Using slim and narrow furniture will also take up a lot less room and will give you better sight lines. You could also consider portable furniture that you can store out of the way when it is not needed.


A second idea is to make the most of your storage. Benches and seating can double as storage boxes where you can keep things such as accessories or garden equipment when they are not in use. You can also have storage built-in when the patio is first installed — the space under a raised deck is ideal for this purpose.


Mirrors are always ideal for making small spaces look larger. A large mirror fixed either to the wall of the house or to any privacy wall (provided it is strong enough) will vastly improve the sense of space. Try to position it so that it is reflecting the best view.


A fourth way to enhance space is to add a wooden framework to your patio. If you install beams or even a roof over your patio, you will not only give the space more substance but will also provide a useful extra frame. You could use it to hang lighting or planters, saving on floor and wall space. Weaving fairly lights through the beams can give a small patio the impression of being an intimate grotto


Finally, you can decorate your patio to make it look bigger. Large floor tiles can make a small floor stand out, and using a rug can also define the space and make it look bigger. Using lighter shades will also give the impression of having more space.

Whatever the size available for your patio, careful planning will vastly improve how you can use the space. Your patio builder or installer will be happy to discuss any further ideas with you.