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Two things to do in preparation for having your kitchen renovated

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If you've arranged for your kitchen to be renovated, here are the things you should to do prepare for this project.

Batch-cook enough meals to feed your family for the length of the kitchen renovations

If possible, you should try to do some batch-cooking a few days before the kitchen renovators arrive. Then, lug your fridge, freezer and microwave out of your kitchen and into another room in your home, and fill the former with your meals. There are many advantages to doing this type of preparation.

Firstly, it will ensure that you and your family don't have to go into the kitchen whenever you're peckish and want to grab something from the fridge or heat something up in the microwave. Aside from the fact that this dusty, crowded room will not be the best place to prepare food, doing this several times a time might distract the renovators and make it hard for them to focus and finish off their work.

Secondly, it will ensure that you don't end up relying on takeaways, which are both expensive and unhealthy, to feed your family, or start skipping meals just because you cannot be bothered to have another greasy takeaway pizza or bland, readymade sandwich from the supermarket. Instead, you can access, heat up and enjoy nourishing meals whenever you want, even when your kitchen is occupied by tradespeople.

Wrap any appliances that will be staying in place

There may be some appliances that you don't want to remove before the renovations; for example, it might be too complicated to disconnect the washing machine from its plumbing lines or to remove the integrated oven. If this is the case, you should ensure that these appliances are securely wrapped in plastic.

The reason for this is that kitchens tend to become extremely dusty when they're renovated. This dust is created by the slicing of worktops when fitting them, as well as the removal or application of plaster and the installation of shelves.

Whilst removing dust from your hob might be as simple as running a cloth over it, you may find it much harder to extract the dust that settles into the crevices of your washing machine and oven's dials or buttons. Furthermore, if a lot of dust gets into the gap between the back of these buttons or dials and the components to which they're attached, it may be impossible to press or turn them. Lastly, even after you've spent a long time removing dust from, for example, your oven, you may still end finding gritty particles of it in your food when you cook items inside of it. As such, if you want the experiencing of cleaning your kitchen after this process to be as easy as possible, you should wrap up these appliances before it begins.

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