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The 3 Best Ways to Shade an Outdoor Pool

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One of the great benefits of living in Australia is the amount of sunshine the country experiences in the summer months. Of course, many people want to spend as much time outdoors in the summertime as possible, but it’s also important to have elements of shade so that you are protected from things like sunburn and even the development of skin cancer. Of course, covering up with hats and sunscreen is a good idea, but what about when you’re in the pool? Read More»

Four Steps For Pouring a Concrete Patio

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Rather than going through the backbreaking work of laying paving slabs to construct a patio in your back garden, it is much simpler to pour liquid concrete which will then harden to create a durable surface. This is the sort of job that any builder will be able to undertake for you. However, pouring concrete patios is definitely something that many DIY enthusiasts will feel they can do without too much trouble for themselves. Read More»

Tips for Giving Your Outdoor Seating Area More Privacy

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Many Australian homeowners have a patio or a terrace in their back garden where they will entertain guests or simply hang out with their family members on the weekend or in the evening, after work. Most often, of course, this area is close to a barbecue, which is at the heart of Australian culture. Alfresco dining is something of a way of life in the country, but it is sometimes not so pleasant if your outdoor seating area is overlooked by neighbours. Read More»

Are Frameless Shower Screens Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

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If you have recently made the decision to get rid of your shower curtain and upgrade to a shower screen, your next decision will be choosing a material and a type of frame. Glass shower screens, admittedly, have become a favourite among Australian homeowners since they offer a touch of contemporariness that cannot be achieved with any other kind of material. Nonetheless, even when you know that you want glass shower screens, you still have to make a decision on what type of frame. Read More»