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Tips for Giving Your Outdoor Seating Area More Privacy

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Many Australian homeowners have a patio or a terrace in their back garden where they will entertain guests or simply hang out with their family members on the weekend or in the evening, after work. Most often, of course, this area is close to a barbecue, which is at the heart of Australian culture. Alfresco dining is something of a way of life in the country, but it is sometimes not so pleasant if your outdoor seating area is overlooked by neighbours. If you live in the vicinity of tall buildings, for example, then it is easy for people to see you relaxing. The same can occur if the back of your home faces the front of a neighbouring one. What can you do to make your dining area more private? 

Adjustable Awnings

One of the simplest approaches to add greater privacy to your patio is to install an awning. These devices also help to keep the sun off your patio area during the heat of the day which means that your evening gatherings become much more pleasant since the paving slabs have not heated up. In addition to an awning which extends over the top of your seating area, you can buy awning walls. These devices are the vertical equivalent of a conventional awning and prevent people from seeing into your garden from the side. Awning walls are also very good temporary windbreaks which you can use to make your dining area more comfortable to eat in. 

Superb Shade Sails

Another common way of adding both shade and privacy to a terrace or patio is to fit a shade sail. Although these products are commonplace in playgrounds and public spaces these days, they are becoming increasingly popular in back gardens, too. Unlike an awning, however, you cannot adjust the position of a shade sail so easily. Therefore, a garden-based one must be fitted in exactly the right spot to prevent prying eyes from seeing directly into your dining area. 

Garden Features

There are a large number of different trees and shrubs that you can plant which will offer privacy in your garden because of their large leaves. However, these often take several years to grow to maturity in order to cut out sight lines adequately. Therefore, a good option is to construct a trellis or a pergola around your patio and to weave climbing plants through it, something which has a more immediate privacy-making effect.