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Practical and Aesthetic Advantages of a Security Screen Door

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A security door might be a relatively straightforward home enhancement, but it can offer a variety of practical and aesthetic advantages. These are explained below.

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

If you're trying to make your home more energy-efficient, everything is relevant. Even small changes can improve things. A security screen door, for example, may not appear to be critical to energy efficiency, but it can help in a couple of ways. First, it will allow you to safely open the solid door and let the breeze flow through the house. On a hot summer night, you can enjoy an open, ventilated place rather than one closed up with the air conditioner running. If you have security doors at the back, the fresh air can flow from one end to the other.

The security screen door can make your house more energy efficient in terms of light flow as well. With the opaque door open and the screen in place, light can stream into the front of your house in foyer areas that often don't have windows. You can turn off artificial lighting as a result.

Improve the Kerb View

If you want to enhance your home's kerb appeal, you could consider how a security door will help. You can opt for a design as subtle or bold as you wish. For the most impact, choose a style with a decorative grill. Some doors have a modern look, such as a grill consisting of a series of vertical rectangles with all straight lines. For something less minimal, choose a door with ornamental curves and scrolls. You could install an art-deco look with geometric circles and lines. 

The grill colour will have a big say in how dominant the door is in the kerb view. A bright white door will stand out against dark charcoal cladding, or you could opt for a shiny blue or red door. On the other hand, you might want a smart black door. If the kerb view is a touch bland, you can enhance it with the right accent security screen door.


Of course, the main task of these doors is to make your home safer. Check that any product you consider has labels to say it has passed the Australian standards that govern its manufacturing (AS 5039) and installation (AS 5040). The door should also be labelled as having passed all the tests (AS 5041) to ensure that it's tough and durable enough to warrant being sold as a security screen door.