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5 Benefits of Vertical Blind Window Treatments

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Blinds are a versatile and attractive option for a window treatment, but standard horizontal options aren't always the most suitable. Instead, consider the many benefits of vertical blinds

1. Suitable for Long Windows

Standard horizontal style Venetian blinds are attractive, but they aren't especially well suited for long windows. Due to the lack of central support and the weight of the slats, the blinds tend to sag in the centre. With vertical blinds, every slat is secured to the top rail track, which means they can provide excellent coverage with no sagging, no matter how long the window.

2. Pass-Through Convenience

A pass-through window, whether it is a kitchen window that opens onto the outside verandah or an actual sliding glass door, requires the right type of window treatment. Otherwise, the window treatment can impede the ability to walk through or pass items through the window or door unless the treatment is fully open. Vertical blinds can be walked through easily, even when fully closed, making them a convenient and attractive option. 

3. Child and Pet Safe

The strings that hold Venetian blinds together, along with those that control the opening mechanisms, can pose a strangulation risk to small children and pets. Even child-safe designs aren't perfect, since the slats can end up broken when small hands or paws try to see outside. Vertical blinds do not have these strings and cords, as they are typically controlled by a wand. Further, pushing them aside to see out causes no damages at all. 

4. Privacy and Lighting Control

The main purpose of any window treatment is to provide privacy as well as lighting control. Vertical blinds can be angled to allow in light while still allowing for some privacy, or they can be closed completely for complete privacy and room darkening. You can also slide the blinds open completely to allow completely unobstructed views and natural lighting. There is also the option of adding a sheer panel behind the blind if you want privacy but full diffused natural light.

5. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance shouldn't take up all of your time, especially when it comes to window treatments. Wood and vinyl slats are virtually maintenance-free except for periodic dusting or wiping down with a damp cloth. Even fabric models tend to be low maintenance, as they are usually treated so that they resist stains and soil. 

Contact a vertical blinds shop to see all of the options available for your home.