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Top 5 Must-include Ingredients for Hamptons-Style Kitchens

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Hamptons-style kitchens have a rich historical background rooted in the coastal and village living of New York. They still represent elegance and refinement in many modern homes. Also, they create a relaxed atmosphere of a coastal lifestyle and classic shapes. These kitchens are filled with natural materials and natural lighting options. So, what ingredients must you include when you want to opt for a Hamptons-style kitchen? This post answers these questions concisely. Keep reading to learn more.

 Light and Brightness

First, these kitchens should uplift your kitchen space and remind you of the past. Therefore, embellish your lighting colour scheme with pastels and refreshing white colours. This way, you will create a natural, bright and beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen.

Marble Benchtops

Your recipe for a modern and elegant Hamptons-style kitchen is incomplete without marble benchtops. However, if your budget doesn't allow you to use real marble, you can substitute it with Caesarstone. So, ensure it attains proper veining and thickness to give it the high-end look it deserves.

Nautical Lighting

Hamptons-style kitchens also require marine lighting. This theme is critical in your kitchen design because it brings out a coastal living atmosphere in your house. Also, you have to use glass pendants in the design to help it feel bigger. Don't forget to include oversized solid lighting features that remind you of massive steel water vessels sailing in the deep ocean around Long Island, New York, where the kitchens originated. 

Shaker Cabinetry

Don't forget to include shaker cabinets in your kitchen design. These types of cabinets can come in white, and you can beautify them with gloss, although you ought to do so moderately. This way, you will make your kitchen have a high-end feel.

Tile or Marble Splashback

Lastly, tile or marble splashback should feature in your Hamptons-style kitchen. These two options are excellent for your kitchen because they will give it a classic or modern aesthetic feel. Should you opt to use tiles, you can optimize the ceramic subway-style tiles' aesthetic appeal. However, avoid glass or stainless steel in your Hamptons-style kitchen's design equation. 

Hamptons-style kitchens are still trendy in modern homes. Their rich village and coastal history make them an excellent option for homeowners seeking to blend history and modernity. Hopefully you will include these five must-have ingredients that are discussed here when you set out to create a Hamptons-style kitchen. Speak to a professional to learn more about Hamptons-style kitchens.