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Insider Bridal Tips: Choosing the Right Florist for Your Wedding

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Many might say that flowers are a language understood by every bride and adored at every wedding. They feature not just in wedding decorations but also spice up the bridal cake and overall event look. Finding the perfect florist can be challenging but also the most exciting part of your wedding planning. 

The truth is that almost every bride's wish is to have the most alluring flowers on their nuptials. However, it's crucial to understand that most are costly and not all come in the same colours and thrive each season. You need an expert florist to help choose the right flowers for your wedding day. Get four insider tips you need to find the perfect florist to assist in your flower selection.

Do Your Research 

You'll require to do some flower research first before any other task. This research is not as simple as placing your floral order that corresponds with your wedding colours. Invest in some time to understand your taste and how you need them to appear. Remember, research doesn't mean having a robust understanding of floral names and terms, such as bouquet types and floral arrangement requirements. You only need to understand which blooming season and the exact wedding date you've set. 

Find Inspiration 

Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram offer a lot of inspiration when it comes to flower choice. For this reason, come up with an inspirational flower board with a collection of your favourite flower pictures. Additionally, write down a few notes as to why individual flowers capture your attention. This way, you'll be able to communicate your style more clearly.

Seek Recommendations 

Before finding the right florist, consider seeking recommendations from friends, family, or experts. Dive into floral magazines or seek help from previous brides who had a successful wedding. Furthermore, work with a knowledgeable wedding planner closely for invaluable suggestions. These planners have immense experience acquired through their collaboration with flower vendors whose opinions are priceless. After finding recommendations, visit individual florist sites and determine whether what they have matches your overall style. 

Find Proposals and Choose What Matches your Vision

Let each florist present their floral proposals as per your floral vision and budget. Inquire from them whether they can offer a best-case and bare-minimum plan in case you have presented many ideas. By doing this, you can mix them and achieve a mid-range package to suit your budget and style. Always remember to inquire about delivery and pricing for your overall floral arrangement.


Find the perfect florist for your upcoming wedding to simplify your florist selection procedure for the ideal wedding you've always dreamt about.