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Should You Choose Wrought Iron For Your New Staircase Balustrade?

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When picking a balustrade for your staircase, it is crucial to go with a material that will be both functional as well as visually pleasing. Irrespective of the length of the flight of stairs, the balustrading tends to be the centre of attention. Gone are the days when plain timber railings would suffice since a myriad of materials and designs are readily available to suit your interior décor preference. One material, however, which has been around for centuries but remains relevant is wrought iron. Although usually associated with large, intimidating gates, wrought iron is just as functional inside your home as it is with exterior applications. Read on to decide if you should choose wrought iron for your new staircase balustrade.

Astonishing endurance

Wrought iron, unfortunately, may have a bad rap since some people believe that it will eventually rust and require replacement. But this is not necessarily true. Like any other material, wrought iron will require maintenance if it is to retain its resilience to the elements as well as frequent touching. Moreover, the maintenance is not nearly as arduous as what timber balustrading will require. Timber balustrades not only have to be sealed on a regular basis, but they also need polishing in addition to the daily cleaning. Over time, the timber begins to degrade, and this leads to splinters that will be harmful to anyone who encounters the balustrading. Wrought iron, conversely, simply needs occasional oiling. In the event you do notice corrosion developing, a professional can scrub it off and powder coat the balustrading.

Classic appeal

If you want a staircase balustrade that will never go out of style, then wrought iron should be your choice material. This supply is highly malleable. Thus, it can be custom-made to any design that you have in mind. Whether you want intricate patterns that will add a sense of old-world charm to your staircase or perhaps want clean sleek lines to complement your minimalist décor, you are guaranteed that wrought-iron balustrades will meet your specifications.

Incredible sturdiness

The third reason why your staircase balustrades should be made from wrought iron is for the unparalleled safety that this material offers. If your stairwell is particularly high, it is imperative to ensure that you have railings in place that will be able to prevent a fall in the event someone accidentally slides on the floor. This type of safety is not only critical for children. If you are living in your forever home, then wrought iron will be perfect for aged care. The strength or the balustrades coupled with superior workmanship will ensure that you have support when walking down the stairs once you are elderly.