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Kitchen Wholesale Benchtops for Large Families

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One of the tasks that large families do each week is food prep. Food prep can consist of chopping vegetables, sandwich prep or packing multiple lunches for the week. All of this requires durable benchtops and options that are easy to maintain and clean. If this is the situation you are in, you may not know what options are available to you. Here are some of the kitchen wholesale benchtop options you can consider and why.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a modern looking benchtop that is durable and easy to maintain, then stainless steel may be the ideal option. This type of benchtop does not stain easily. It also is heat resistant. This makes it ideal when you are working on several meal preparation options that may range in temperature or colour. For example, if you are prepping pasta sauce, the stainless steel will resist staining from the sauce. Stainless steel can also be cleaned easily without dulling or showing wear.


Concrete is a benchtop option that many people do not consider. There are several benefits to using concrete as a benchtop material. One of the benefits is that it is long lasting. When it is properly taken care of, a concrete benchtop can last a lifetime. They show little signs of wear, are durable, and they are equally as heat resistant as stainless steel. You can also stain concrete to match your colour scheme in the home. In addition, concrete benchtops also offer the option of different design options to fit your needs. 


Stone benchtops have several benefits. In addition to being durable and heat resistant like their concrete and steel counterparts, they are also easily upgraded. You can choose from several stone options and designs. This can help you maintain the look of your kitchen. They are durable enough to hold up to the heavy use your benchtops will receive during large family meals, gatherings, and food prep. This is especially true when you are handling food prep in large batches or several times a day when the weight of the food can become intense on the benchtop 

These are just a few of the kitchen wholesale benchtop options that are available to you for your large family. If you think any of these options sound ideal, you should visit your local kitchen wholesale centre. They can help you with options available, prices and delivery options. Some of the locations may also offer installation as well.