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Why install a custom-made security door?

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Everybody wants their home to be as safe as possible, but you may not realise that one of the best ways to improve your home security is to replace your front door with a custom-made security door. Here are some of the advantages of doing so.


The front door is one of the main entry points into your home that an intruder can use, and it is frequently easy to force open. However, a burglar will not want to spend too long trying to open it, for fear of drawing attention. A security door will have sophisticated locks which cannot be easily picked or forced in the same way as a standard lock. In addition, a steel security door will be drill-proof and will prove impenetrable to any burglar without a lot of time and equipment.


In practice, it is unlikely that anyone will even try to force a security door. Once an intruder sees that they will not be able to get through easily, they will give up and will probably reason that you have other security devices and protection - and turn their attention to less-secure properties.

Fire protection

Security doors will not just protect against unwanted attention. Such doors will be fireproof and may take several hours to burn down, offering extra protection to you and your family.


Your old door may be costing you money. Most heat loss from a house disappears through the doors and windows, and an old door is likely to have developed gaps around it, from where the house has settled after being built and through warping and shrinking of the door itself, especially if it is made of wood. Replacing it with a new, made-to-measure steel security door can prevent much of this heat loss, saving you money on heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint.


Wooden doors will expand and contract with the weather and will also splinter and develop flaws and weaknesses. These not only are unsightly but also provide a clue to any intruder as to how to force the door. A new security door will not require any maintenance to keep it in shape and will continue to protect your family in all conditions.

There is no point cutting corners on security. Installing a custom-built security door will preserve the integrity of your house and will protect your family for many years to come.