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Top Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter for Your New Shower Rail

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Shower rails are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners and interior design enthusiast who want their bathrooms to look the part. Other than the aesthetic value, shower rails are convenient in homes that have only one bathroom primarily because the shower rail caters to persons of varying heights. Therefore, your young son or daughter will not need assistance because they can quickly grab the shower head, use it, and return it safely in the shower head holder. That said, you also need home water filters to get the most out of your new shower rail. Here is why. 

Prevents Mineral Deposits on Shower Rail -- Water coming from the mains is laden with chemicals and minerals, such as excess calcium that can damage the plumbing system and lead to costly plumbing repairs. Therefore, if you want a shower rail that will last, then you have to install a water filtration system. It is because prolonged use of hard water leads to the accumulation and hardening of minerals like calcium on the shower rail. Consequently, hardened hard water minerals will create stop points on the shower rail, which prevents the shower head from sliding up and down the rail with ease. With a filtration system installed, you will rest assured that only soft water finds its way to your shower rail. 

Reduces Health Risks in Children -- In a home where there is a single bathroom and a standard showerhead, young children are typically bathed by their parents or siblings. As such, parents have no option but to be extra vigilant in the quality of water they use to bath their young children with. However, since installing a shower rail means that even children can use the same bathroom as grown-ups, they are more likely to get exposed to the health issues associated with unfiltered municipal water. For instance, studies have shown that children that use unfiltered chlorinated shower water inhale excess chlorine, which can lead to the development of asthma. A water filtration system thus eliminates this likelihood. 

Prevent Bacterial Growth on Shower Rail -- When you enter your bathroom and lower or raise your shower head along its rail, the last thing you probably think about is what lurks on the rail's surface. You are not alone because most people do not know that there are millions of sickening bacteria in unfiltered water that take refuge behind the shower rail as well as inside the shower rail's decorative covers. By eliminating chemicals, minerals and all dangerous microorganisms from municipal water, a home water filter guarantees a bacteria-free shower rail.