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Two Tips for Installing and Using Roller Blinds

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Roller blinds form sleek window coverings that don't add bulk to a room. They offer plenty of colours and designs to match with various decors. Roller blinds can also regulate your home's temperature in both winter and summer. For tips on how to install and use these window coverings, read on.

Install Well-Fitting Roller Blinds

Because roller blinds consist of continuous fabric, they help warm up rooms on a cold winter night. However, the blinds must lie snugly against the windowpane to form an air pocket between the glass and the blind, with minimal gaps around the sides and bottom.

You might wonder why a snug fit is essential. Cold air naturally drops towards the floor within a room, and hot air naturally rises towards the ceiling. On a cool evening, the window panes themselves get chilly, and cold air will try to slip underneath the bottom of the blind to circulate in the room. Of course, then the indoor temperature will be colder. With snug blinds, the cold air will have less space to filter inside, and it will be better contained in the air pocket between the blind and windowpane.

A snug-fitting blind also means that the hot air swirling around the ceiling will have less chance to flow behind the top of the blind. From there, it could flow out of air gaps around the windows, or the heat could escape through the glass. The blind fabric is essential also. A heavy blackout blind provides a more solid barrier against the window than a flimsy fabric.

Adjust the Blinds Throughout the Day in the Summer

Roller blinds can also help to prevent heat from entering your home in summer. To keep your home cool, it's best to adjust the blinds throughout the day. Simply close a blind if the sun shines directly on that window, opening it later as the sun moves. Again, the blind must fit snugly and not allow beams of sunlight to flicker through the sides. A closed blind will block the path of the heat radiating from the glass and hinder it from passing into the room. Hot air that collects around the window will have less opportunity to slip around the sides of the blinds if it fits well.

Thus, while roller blinds provide many design benefits with their sleek design and endless colour and textures, they also help maintain a more comfortable home in all seasons, day and night. During the day, don't simply pull the blinds up and leave them in that position all day. Roller blinds provide a weapon you can use against the sun's heat simply by drawing the blinds to block direct sunlight. They also help to retain winter warmth if they're fit precisely.