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Design Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation

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A kitchen transformation ideally produces a functional and beautiful space in which you love to spend time socialising and cooking. If you're looking for elements that will help to achieve this, read on for some ideas. 

Kitchen Island

In a large open-plan kitchen, an island bench will bring multiple benefits. Adding extra benchtop and storage makes food preparation easier, allowing easy access to utensils and food items. By including a breakfast bar, this prime piece of furniture doubles up as a workbench and dining area—adding functionality to the kitchen. Make sure you have the floor space, however, so the area is not too cramped. Otherwise, the island will contribute to an unpleasant, crowded atmosphere. To add interest and contrast to your decor, install contrasting colours on the island cabinetry or fit a different but complementary benchtop material.

Smart Storage

While it's crucial to add enough cabinetry into a kitchen, it's equally important to make the most of that storage. Otherwise, you're wasting valuable floor area needlessly. Pull-out draws with smart wire ware allow easy access to every item and make the most of the space. Lazy Susans and corner L-shape drawer units maximise the convenience of corner cupboards. Specialty drawers with compartments for mugs, cups and glass provide other ways to use all air space underneath the bench. If you have a cabinet with one horizontal shelf in the middle, a lot of air space above goes to waste. If you simply added extra shelves, then it would be difficult to reach to the back. Smart pull-out storage, however, makes the most of all areas.

Hide Appliances

When designing a kitchen, you need to coordinate all the varied elements, the flooring, cabinets, benchtop and splashback. It can be difficult then to incorporate the appliances—the fridge, oven, microwave and dishwater—into the overall design. One way to go about this is to integrate the appliances with built-in cupboards that conceal them behind doors. In this way, you create a seamless flow that's not interrupted with diverse finishes and shapes. With less-visual clutter, the kitchen will feel more calm and relaxed. 

Look—No Handles

One way to take a sense of seamlessness to the next level when undergoing kitchen renovations is with handless cabinets. Handles protrude from the doors, and being so numerous, they can create a busy effect. Without these protrusions, you have a smooth, even surface which creates a clean, minimalist look.

Reach out to a kitchen renovation company to learn more.