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Common Types of Carports that You Can Consider

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Your garage is that one place where you can store not only cars but also things like bicycles, a workbench or a Christmas tree — and the list is endless. And sometimes because of all the things you store, it can leave you with no room whatsoever to store your new car, motorcycle or truck. To avoid leaving your new car sitting outside, carports are the best solution. 

Carports are semi-covered steel or fabric structures, which provide weather and shade protection for boats, tractors and vehicles. They usually consist of several posts that support a roof and can either be attached to your home or freestanding. This means you can quickly assemble it outdoors. Here are some of the types of carports you can consider.

Portable Carports

If you are looking for a carport that you can move from one place to place, then portable carports are the sure way to go. They are open, and you can easily add removable walls to your carport. You can also easily select a tent to place around your carport. Being portable, it is also lightweight and easy to assemble.

Polyethylene Fabric Carports

A polyethylene fabric carport offers functional and practical vehicle protection. This structure includes a fully heat-sealed and UV-treated polyethylene cover that is 100% fade-resistant and waterproof. The heavy-duty frame made from steel also resists rust, chipping, corrosion and peeling, making it an excellent choice for other uses. This type of carport also includes an easy-to-assemble carport fabric for your vehicle's protection, which offers simplicity, strength and durability. 

Galvanised Steel Carports

Galvanised steel carports are efficient because they resist chipping, rust and corrosion. This type of carports includes grade-steel frames with a galvanised steel roof that effectively shields your vehicle from outdoor elements every season. Galvanised steel carports are also easy to assemble because they come accompanied by a split-fit frame and self-drilling screws. The strength of the steel makes the carports a reliable shelter and shade.

Vinyl-coated carports

Carports that have an additional vinyl coating provide strength and durability to your structure. Vinyl-coated carports have five times more thickness coating compared to traditional steel buildings. This helps the carport resists corrosion, scratches and rust, and this ensures it protects your vehicle from weather damage. This carport comes in both attached and freestanding styles, making it a versatile option for anyone who wants a carport with numerous features.

Carports are a worthwhile investment; they are not only long lasting but also multi-purpose.