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The Benefits of Roller Blinds

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Like awnings, roller blinds lower down from above a window or a glazed doorway. This means that they block the light where it is strongest — at its highest point. This affords you a great deal of light and heat control when you partially lower them. As opposed to curtains, which move horizontally, you can cut out plenty of glare from the sun without needing to make your home dark inside. Equally, the operation of pulling a roller blind down over a window from above means that you can lower the temperature of your home or office without needing to switch your lights off or your air conditioning on. This simple approach to light control is why many people opt for blinds in the first place. What are the other benefits you can enjoy from them?

Design Diversity

You can choose just about any design you wish for a blind of this sort. Modern designs are available in every colour tone you could possibly imagine, which means that you will always find something perfectly in keeping with the rest of your interior décor. Equally, prints of all kinds are available, and you can even have something specially made up for you if you go to a bespoke manufacturer.


Because roller blinds have very few moving parts — just a spindle and a cord that you pull on to turn it — they don't often break. This means that you can enjoy years of maintenance-free usage. Unlike Venetian blinds, for example, they have very little to cause operational difficulties down the line, making them one of the most durable window treatments of all.

Complete Blackout

If you choose the right fabrics, then roller blinds can block out all of the sunlight that is coming into a room. This can be very beneficial if you have a north-facing window, for example, which sees a great deal of sunshine during the day. Typically, blackouts are needed for bedrooms to shut out the sun's rays during the early morning. However, they can be equally useful in conservatories and summerhouses which would otherwise see too much light, as well.

Easy to Keep Clean

All window treatments need to be dusted from time to time and cleaned more thoroughly on occasion. Roller blinds are extremely easy to wipe clean with nothing more than a damp cloth to keep them in mint condition. They are certainly easier to clean than curtains or Roman blinds.