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Top Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter for Your New Shower Rail

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Shower rails are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners and interior design enthusiast who want their bathrooms to look the part. Other than the aesthetic value, shower rails are convenient in homes that have only one bathroom primarily because the shower rail caters to persons of varying heights. Therefore, your young son or daughter will not need assistance because they can quickly grab the shower head, use it, and return it safely in the shower head holder. Read More»

Are Frameless Shower Screens Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

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If you have recently made the decision to get rid of your shower curtain and upgrade to a shower screen, your next decision will be choosing a material and a type of frame. Glass shower screens, admittedly, have become a favourite among Australian homeowners since they offer a touch of contemporariness that cannot be achieved with any other kind of material. Nonetheless, even when you know that you want glass shower screens, you still have to make a decision on what type of frame. Read More»