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Why Your Historical Reenactment Sewing Business Needs an Overlocker Machine

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When you started your sewing business that caters to historical reenactment players, you likely bought a heavy-duty sewing machine. You also probably felt that this sewing machine would be enough to get you by on many of the orders you would receive. The truth is, as your orders get bigger and more grand in design, you may find you need more than just your traditional machine. Here are some reasons you need an overlocker sewing machine for your historical reenactment sewing business.


Coverstitching is a technique that is generally used on cuffs of men's shirts and pants. It can also be used along hemlines and dress lines. In some designs, the coverstitch is used as an accent stitch. It can be done with multiple thread colours. It can also give a finished look to period piece clothing. The stitch is something that can be done with a regular sewing machine but requires knowledge and the ability to get your spacing just right. An overlocker sewing machine can use two spools of thread and easily create this stitch with even stitching and craftsmanship.

Stretch Stitching

You may have a reenactment client who wants the fabric and stitch to look like a period piece, but they need some stretch. This may normally mean choosing a fabric that is not historically accurate. Though this is fine in some circumstances, there are others where the reenactor needs the fabric to be as authentic as possible. One way you can give the client what they want without sacrificing the authentic fabric is to use a stretch stitch. This stitch can be done by an overlocker sewing machine and will give you the stretch you need in the fabric without sacrificing the look of the stitch.

Secure Edging

The key issue with reenactment styles is with fraying. This is because many of the fabric options will offer you a great look but may not hold up to the wear and tear easily. You can fix this by securing the edging with an overlock stitch. This can be done on the edging of all of your fabrics. The overlocker sewing machine can do this easily and will also allow you to choose the number of threads you want used. Keep in mind that the more threading you use the stronger the stitch, but there will be a reduced give in the stitching as well. 

When you are ready to buy your overlocker machine, visit your local sewing machine supplier. They can assist you with overlocker sewing machines that would be right for your business. They can also help with any upgraded machines and other accessories you may want to have with the machine you choose.